next system is an experienced embedded systems partner and combines consulting and technical competence for industrial applications.

Through cooperation with leading manufacturers, optimal solutions for specific application scenarios are developed and implemented in assembly.

Environmental conditions (dirt, water, high temperatures, etc.), available space and installation situations, performance requirements, system integration and expandability are analyzed. Long-term solutions are designed and assembled for a variety of complex application areas and devices with control systems that always react appropriately at the right time.

Maximum productivity and quality have been inspiring customers for many years because next system delivers exactly what they need: a reliable embedded system that perfectly couples the multitude of components involved and adapts to rapidly changing requirements. This guarantees industrial customers long-term protection of their investment and sustainable product success.

Embedded Systems & Solutions

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Whether powerful with universal and numerous interfaces or precisely adapted to the application. The next system IPC systems suitable for industry stand for reliability and custom-fit performance.

Depending on requirements, mITX mainboards, embedded single board computers or Compact PCI solutions are used. The compact system design and the flexible mounting options offer many advantages in the integration of the industrial PC in existing and new applications. The use of industrial CPU modules (COM, SBC, Compact PCI, AMC, mITX) enables simple scalability. The high level of know-how of next system in the area of temperature management helps in dimensioning of the cooling concept. Together with well-known partners, next system is able to implement robust and maintenance-free customer-specific solutions and to meet the broad requirements of machine, plant and control cabinet manufacturers with extensive standard technology.

Custom Box PC

Modules & Boards

COM (computer on modules)

Computer on Modules (COM) are small, ready-to-use computing solutions that usually consist of application-independent hardware and software.

Combined with application-specific Carrie Boards, they offer a wide range of possible applications in individual industrial fields such as medical technology, industrial automation, robotics, mechanical and plant engineering and many more. The use of COM solutions brings not only rapid and economically efficient development but also security in the sense of proven and future-proof technology. next system, together with established partners, covers the wide range of different form factors in the COM sector and provides support in the selection, specification and production of customer-specific solutions.

The right hardware and software for every application:

The established COM standard will continue to be developed over 10 years after its introduction to the market. Modules for the extended temperature range are available in all form factors. (E1 from -25 °C to +75 °C or E2 from -40 °C to +85 °C) are available in all form factors.

SBC (single board computer)

Behind the term Single-Board-Computer (SBC) is a processor board, which contains all components necessary for the operation of the system such as the microprocessor, RAM, caches, chipsets, etc.

Peripheral functions for output and input, graphic display or communication control can be added via further plug-in modules. next system and its partners offer a wide range of different form factors for integration in low cost and high-performance industrial applications.

The right hardware and software for every application:

  • Form factor 100 x 72 mm
  • power-saving, powerful, cost-efficient
  • Dual Display (DVI + LVDS)
  • low power consumption
  • ARM and x86 solutions available

Broad Portfolio

Reliable and powerful


next system offers a wide product range of industrial and integrated motherboards ranging in size from mini-ITX to ATX.

In addition, special server-class motherboards are available in various form factors, which are selected according to customer requirements. The high level of know-how of next system and the close and long-standing cooperation with specialized partners ensures the reliable and custom-fit selection and specification of the system. The focus is on long-term availability, life-cycle management and revision control as well as very good design-in support.

  • Main areas of application: Point-of-sales/point-of-information, gaming and infotainment, measurement technology, lottery and banking as well as “classic” applications in industrial PCs
  • Intel® Atom™ bis Intel® Core™ i7 – latest Generation
  • with its 170 x 170 mm Mini-ITX is the smallest compatible motherboard form factor
  • PCI or PCI Express x16 slot

HMI/Panel PC

The classic area of application for Panel PCs is the monitoring and operation of systems. They are usually installed in a control cabinet or panel.

With established partners, next system covers all current technologies and CPUs for panel PCs. Different display dimensions, touch technologies, CPU and memory solutions, interface requirements as well as energy requirements, protection class and operating system open up a huge variety of variants that next system covers with a broad portfolio and customer-specific solutions.

Customized solutions

Embedded Peripherals

System expansion

In addition to the SBC and MOB solutions, next system offers various options for system expansion and system upgrades. With mPCI and M.2 (NGFF) there are unlimited possibilities in this project case. The bandwidth ranges from SATA ports – including RAID function, through various graphic outputs to additional USB and LAN interfaces.

  • Adapter from mPCIe to half mPCIe or mSATA mini
  • Additional USB type A connector or USB pin header

RAM and flash solutions

With Innodisk Corp., the industry’s leading manufacturer and supplier of flash memory media, next system offers solutions for industrial applications and embedded systems.

The NAND storage products from Innodisk convince with the highest quality standards, reliability and performance and therefore underline the product line of next system. All products are available as SLC (Single-Level Cell) and MLC (Multi-Level Cell) variants.

  • Available as iCF 9000 (high-speed up to 95MB/sec), iCF Write/Protect or iSMART iCF (with integrated SMART technology)
  • 128 MB ~ 128 GB
  • optional as “INDUSTRIAL” version with extended operating temperature
  • (-40 °C to +85 °C)
  • Vibration-proof up to 20G (7~2000 Hz)
  • Shock up to 1500 G/0.5 ms

Reliable and durable