Computer Components for your industrial solution

Whether industrial automation, transportation or measurement technology: Our high-quality embedded computers are ideal for demanding systems and industrial solutions.

From microprocessors to HMI systems and various accessories, with us you get the right solution for your requirements. With individual consulting, we accompany you from concept to series production.

Our embedded computer portfolio includes a wide range of form factors, from small module solutions to 19″ complete systems. During assembly, we ensure the highest quality and lay the foundation for 100% reliability.

We offer:

  • ARM-based computer platforms including the latest software service.
  • established x86 systems for a wide range of applications.
  • customized rack systems and box PCs for industrial use.

Choose from our different form factors:

  • ETX®
  • COM HPC®
  • QSeven®
  • SMARC®
  • COM Express®
  • Open Standard Module (OSM)®

We work closely with our partners:

  • Intel®
  • AMD
  • ASUS
  • Adlink
  • Jetway
  • Vecow
  • Perfectron
  • Mactron
  • Flytech
  • DFI

Find out about our countless embedded computer solutions.

Computer components and systems

Large manufacturer network
Integrated system solutions
High level of product know-how

Advantages of embedded computers from next system

Energy saving, powerful & cost efficient

The ARM based computers are available in many versions. Almost all of them are energy-saving, powerful and cost-efficient.

In addition to small and cost-effective embedded computers, there are also high-performance computers with an extended temperature range for harsh environmental conditions.

Suitable for demanding environments

Our rackmount and rugged systems are particularly suitable for industrial use. They offer trouble-free operation in the event of shock, vibration and contamination.

Our HMI (Human Machine Interface) systems are resistant to dust, moisture, vibration and temperature fluctuations. This makes them the ideal component for operating and monitoring plants.

Everything from one source

In addition to our extensive range of embedded computers, we also provide the accessories needed for the computer components – from robust HMI systems to memory solutions and software.

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Application areas

We supply many different industries and have a wide range of applications:

  • Automation technology
  • Automotive
  • Construction
  • Mining
  • Casino gaming
  • Retail
  • Gastronomy, hotel industry and tourism
  • Industrial automation
  • Industrial image and video processing
  • Agriculture
  • Food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries
  • Trucks, buses and special vehicles
  • Mechanical and plant engineering
  • Medical technology
  • Metrology
  • Robotics
  • Rail vehicles
  • Test and test stand construction
  • Transport
  • Monitoring
  • and much more.

Your industry or application is not listed? Do not hesitate and contact us.

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“The long-standing partnerships with our trusted suppliers mean our customers are among the first to hear about and benefit from innovations and news.”

This is why you should choose products from next system

Many years of experience

Benefit from our expertise in the field of embedded computers. We will find the optimal solution for your requirements.

International network for computer components

We have an international network of trusted manufacturers and partners from whom we source the components you need for your application.

Embedded computers according to your requirements

We deliver requirement-specific system solutions for your industrial projects according to your needs. In our in-house assembly we implement your solutions with high awareness for quality. Our great flexibility allows us to quickly implement your desired changes to the products.


Embedded computers are designed to meet industrial requirements and are known by many names (box PC, gateway, controller, industrial PC, and so on).

The core of the device can be created as follows:

  • Single-board computer (SBC) or motherboard: Here you take the board out of the packaging, connect all the cables and install it in a case.
  • Full-custom design: This only pays off with very high quantities.
  • Module solution: Developers get great flexibility with a CoM or SMARC.

Our fanless box PCs are suitable if the application requires an extended temperature range, vibration damping and dust protection, or requires many PCI slots. If compact dimensions play an important role, our SBCs are the right choice.

To find the right embedded computer, you need to fully understand the specific application for which it will be used. With so many variables at play, there is no one-size-fits-all solution for embedded computers. We are happy to help you find the best embedded computer for you.

ARM processors are low-power processors that can run on certain devices to perform certain tasks or functions that are not resource-heavy.

x86 processors are primarily designed for products that perform demanding computing or load tasks and where factors such as heat dissipation, power consumption limitations, and expandability do not need to be considered.

PC systems in 19″ technology meet the requirements of industrial use in all conceivable applications. In addition to the special robustness and reliability, the high flexibility in performance classes and interfaces also plays an important role. This is not a problem with standard industrial PC systems, as the modular design offers all possibilities to react to all requirements.

Many systems on the market have an aluminum housing and are thus significantly more robust than IPC housings and ideally suited for rough industrial use.

Aluminum is safe from rust and corrosion and thus better suited for the mostly harsh industrial environments, especially in outdoor use. Additionally, box PCs use the case as an oversized heat sink. The case allows fanless operation (no fans) on most computers. This significantly increases the life and reliability of the computer. Unlike many industrial or embedded PCs, the box PC has the interface connectors soldered directly to the board. This not only increases system reliability, but also reduces assembly costs.

The Human Machine Interface is the part of a machine or machine equipment where an interaction between human and the machine takes place. This HMI interface also provides important information for the user or operator.

In a factory, for example, the user of the machine will also receive important information about the current production process via the HMI interface. This can be shown on a display. For machines, this is usually implemented via a modern control panel consisting of a touch display and additional control buttons. Simpler devices for the household also contain such interfaces.

Compatible displays in various inch sizes for industrial use can be combined with our embedded systems. These can be connected to our embedded computers via DVI, HDMI or DisplayPort interfaces. We also offer optional accessories for our industrial embedded PCs, such as DIN rail or wall mounting kits, cables, power supplies, as well as PCI add-on cards.

Our experts are happy to advise you on the selection of suitable embedded PC hardware, SSD, other components or processors. With us, your company will benefit from a customized embedded PC system tailored exactly to your application.

Due to our long-term cooperation with, among others, Asian manufacturers, we can also supply Asian models for our customers without any problems. We are at your side with possible solutions to your problems and with decision-making.

We have the possibilities to get the best for our customers, even for those who are classified as small by our partners. We always support you quickly and directly according to your needs and offer you the optimal solutions.

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