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x86 and ARM processor with lettering "x86 vs. ARM"

x86 vs ARM | Processor architectures at next system

The world of IT is characterized by different processor architectures, with x86 processors being particularly well-known. Depending on the application, however, an ARM processor may make more sense.
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Button feeling for touch displays | Haptics developer kit

We proudly present our new haptics developer kit. Gain insight into our innovation in the following article by Michael Nussbaumer and Patrick von Unold.
Screenshot des Interviews aus dem E-Paper des Wirtschaftsforums

IT that creates the future

Discover the world of IT innovation with next system in the following interview with our CTO, Patrick von Unold.
Black finger guard against light blue background

Fan Accessories

Explore the FG120FU universal finger guard from SEPA EUROPE – shields against dust, enhances airflow, and reduces fan noise.

Haptic evolution kit

Next system presents: Haptic Evolution Kit! Experience the future and feel the difference with our versatile, user-friendly Haptic Feedback Evaluation Kit.
Patrick von Unold, technischer Leiter, auf einem grünen Stuhl vor einer Pflanze sitzend

Fresh breeze

Fresh breeze at next system Patrick von Unold becomes new technical Officer (CTO)
Mitarbeiter von next system mit Kontron Urkunde und Award in den Händen

Let´s celebrate!

Let's celebrate together! The winner is... next system VertriebsGes.m.b.H. Best Growth EMEA 2022.

Faster production machines thanks to compact and precise positioning systems

Faster and space saving production machines with lower energy consumption - check out our compact and precise positioning systems.
Intel-Board von Jetway

We did it!

next system - we did it! new web page online - for you! for a better user experience and a greater depth of information.
next system Haptic HMI demonstrator

next system, Candera and DATA MODUL to present innovative haptic UI at Embedded World Digital 2021

next system, Candera und Datamodul presenting brand new haptics-demonstrator including innovative User Interface Design.
company Holidays

next system Company Holidays!

next system Company Holidays! Take some time for your beloved ones!