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The desire for haptic feedback on touch-guided user interfaces is as old as the technology itself. In order to meet this demand, we have been developing haptic feedback systems for touch-guided user interfaces for many years. Our customized haptic solutions for HMIs of all kinds focus on practical benefits.  

Are you looking for innovative operating concepts with completely new possibilities that also prevent incorrect entries by measuring force on the display? We have the optimum know-how to develop first-class, requirement-specific solutions. 

You have to feel and experience haptics. Contact us for a personal appointment with haptic demonstrators and an initial specialist consultation. 

Haptic User Interface


Haptic Technologies

Depending on the application, we develop the appropriate haptics solution. Thanks to our pioneering role, our many years of experience and our excellent connections to technology drivers, manufacturers and haptics license holders, we are able to select and implement the right technology. 

  • Adjustable haptic feedback 
  • Adjustable release force (ForceSensing) 
  • Tactility of operating elements on flat glass surfaces 
  • Touch operation with a view of another display or another object  
Piezo Aktuator


  • High acceleration and dynamics  
  • High frequency bandwidth 
  • Great degree of freedom in defining the haptic profiles 
  • Works against the application of force 
  • Can be used as an actuator and as a force sensor 


  • Greater deflection and stroke than the piezo actuator  
  • Force-displacement diagram very close to a mechanical button  
  • Acts in the direction of the force applied  
  • Can be used as an actuator and as a force sensor
Elektrostatik Aktuator
Eccentric Rotating Mass


Depending on the application, other actuators can also be used:  

  • ERM (Eccentric Rotating Mass) 
  • LRA (Linear Resonant Actuator)  
  • VoiceCoil (voice coil) 
  • LMR (Linear Magnetic Ram)  
  • Passive haptic elements 

Are you interested in our haptic feedback touch screen and our other technologies? 

We will be happy to advise you free of charge and without obligation. 

Foto von Michael Nussbaumer, Head of Product Center, Haptik

“Next system accompanies you from concept to series delivery. With our haptics expertise, many years of experience in integrating haptics into HMIs and our engineering and manufacturing capabilities, we offer the complete range!” 

How you benefit with next system as a partner for your haptic feedback touch screen solutions

Many years of experience

Benefit from our many years of experience and innovation in all haptic feedback touch screen technologies. Our haptic solutions provide a new user experience for all touch-guided user interfaces. 

International networks

Our excellent connections to technology drivers, manufacturers and haptics license holders enable us to select the right technologies and implement them for you. 

We accompany you from A to Z

We support you from the initial idea to the concept through to series production. We use a holistic system approach. With our technical expertise, we are the ideal partner for your haptics projects. 


Yes, both the solution with piezo actuators and the electrostatic solution are already in series production. 


Next system cannot only supply the hardware but also provide support from the concept phase through design to series integration. 

The surface must be movable – the deflection is approx. 0.2 to 0.3 mm. 

The actuators must be connected to a flat surface. This can be the back of the display or an adapter frame. 

The sealing technology used must be sufficiently flexible to allow the front glass to move. 

If the integrated next system actuator is used, the installation position is not important for the basic function. The mass to be moved must be considered: When installed vertically, a larger mass can be moved than in a horizontal installation position. 

The actuators are controlled with variable voltage curves. Next system can offer the appropriate controller and power circuits. An easy-to-use API is available to the customer for control. 

There are no restrictions, as control is via a universal API. 

Yes, next system can provide the required driver software. 

No, a trigger signal is sufficient for simple applications (e.g. for capacitive buttons). 

A patent has been filed for the integrated next system actuator technology in Europe and the USA. In addition, next system is a licence holder of immersion® for industrial and medical applications. 

Are you in the evaluation phase of a haptics project?

We support you right from the concept phase to help you select the right technology!

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