As a highly specialized distributor and solution provider of displays and touch screens, next system always finds suitable components and individual solutions for the requirements of industrial customers.

A network with well-known manufacturers and “hidden champions” of high-tech products and many years of application-specific know-how of the development engineers enable us to act quickly. Support is also offered in the design phase, development of prototypes, testing and production of samples and series. The integration of haptic solutions is possible through our own Technology Center. The next system engineers and product specialists provide support in all phases of product development and innovation to make them a success.

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Through the use of anti-reflective coatings, high brightness or transflective technology, the TFT displays of the next system manufacturer network provide excellent image quality even when used in direct sunlight.

They are fit for the future thanks to LED backlighting, are available in a wide range of products for indoor and outdoor use and can be used in an extended temperature range from -30 °C to +85 °C. Thanks to ever-improving technologies, we are also able to meet the increased requirements in terms of resolution, viewing angle and contrast.

The TFT displays are available in different sizes: from 3.5″ to 85″. Furthermore, the compatibility to touch sensors and also to cover glasses and front panels is given, also the integration of haptics is possible. Customer-specific requirements and special products can be quickly implemented and thus brought to market through the next system assembly.


The demands on a functioning touch technology are high, as it should be available for different areas of application. next system has found solutions for many situations through its network of manufacturers and its development services.

Touch screens can be used indoors and outdoors, are vandal-proof and can be operated with fingers, gloves or pens. Sunlight suitability and palm recognition up to EMC interference resistance and full-water proof are now part of our daily business. Our portfolio includes Projected Capacitive (P-CAP), Analog Resistive, and Surface Acoustic Wave touch screens. Cover glasses, front panels and the mechanics for displays and touch screens are also available.

The use of different cover glasses (anti-glare, anti-reflective, vandal-proof, customized printing for an individual design, …) creates countless possibilities. The glass is a science in itself in which we have been able to build up a lot of know-how and practical experience over the last few years.

For the P-CAP Touch solutions, next system also offers individual firmware creation and adaptation to customer requirements.The next system Optical Bonding, the optical bonding of the display with the touch or protective glass, also provides the necessary transparency and improved sunlight readability.

Resistive & P-CAP Touch Screens

Open Frame Monitors

Industrial Monitors

Generally, you can choose the input signals, design and construction as well as touch technology for all monitors.

The most common design variants are included:

Depending on the type of mounting, two different variants of built-in monitors are available:

  1. rackmount built-in monitors – for use in 19” racks
  2. panel mount monitors – for installation in control cabinet doors or control panels in various sizes from 6,5″ to 85″

Both variants can also be supplied with the following specifics:

  • With IP65 protected front (dust/water protection)
  • Vandal proof
  • Custom design is possible