Welcome to a team of highly trained and experienced employees. We are thoroughbred technicians and service professionals interested in technology. However, it is not the technology – it is the people who make next system successful and, through their commitment, achieve great things time and again and give the best for the customers.

Here you will work with manufacturers, customers and suppliers to determine technological feasibility and enable customer-specific developments. Our products and projects touch many industries and open up new solutions in the technology-oriented world. That’s why professional training is also important to us: so that we can offer customers the latest innovations and employees can develop personal and professional perspectives.

Well-known industrial companies rely on us to help them manufacture successful products: from robust micromotors to haptic touch displays in household appliances. Day after day, we ensure that the diverse areas of responsibility of field service, office service, technicians as well as production and logistics function to the complete satisfaction of our customers. Because: we are an excellent team in which everyone can contribute their strengths, ideas and experience.

As colleagues, we value the direct contact with a flat hierarchy, the personal “you”, the willingness to support each other and the humor: team spirit is very important to us; we strongly believe in it and occasionally celebrate it.

Yes, there are also benefits such as company parking, free coffee and fruit, employee events and much more. But more importantly: colleagues one enjoys working with.


Have you ever asked yourself what it is like to work for next system? Are you curious about the people who work in a technology company with customer-specific solutions and in-house production? Who as a company ticks in such a way that employees are highly motivated to set up the best customer projects? It takes a good interaction between the individual areas of responsibility: each one takes his responsibility and contributes to the whole. We present four areas of responsibility and colleagues here.

“I enjoy working at next system and contributing my various IT and technical experiences.”


“I live in the Czech Republic and am also responsible for the Czech and Slovakian market – this way I can quickly reach the customer and provide good local support. I not only deal with existing customers, but also analyse the market and actively approach the acquisition of new customers. That suits me, because I’m an open-minded guy and like to communicate. Also with my colleagues in Vienna – and in English. I am on site in Vienna about every 14 days and for events. Every day we communicate via telephone and email, and again and again via video conferencing systems. I love independence and yet I like to work in a team – I have combined both at next system.

“As office manager, I try to ensure that everyone has the right information and equipment to do their job well.”


“Besides, it is important to me that the premises look good and that we have a comfortable working atmosphere and great events. Again and again I have the opportunity to take on new responsibilities – this not only helps me professionally but also personally. I enjoy communicating and organising. I also particularly appreciate the trust placed in me by colleagues and the management. This motivates me to constantly find new solutions for new tasks: at next system, there is no room for boredom”

“My tasks in production are diverse and varied. This is because we assemble customer solutions in small batches.”


“Actually, we work like in a manufactory: everyone has his or her own work table, it is largely quiet and the individual work tasks are discussed in detail. This is important, because in manufacturing we need perfect results according to customer requirements. Quality is extremely important and therefore exact work is also essential. My colleagues are the best: we enjoy working together, represent each other and have a lot of fun. We almost always spend our lunch break together, show each other something on the mobile phone or give us tips. I also have a lot of contact with the other departments, because everyone works together in the next system team”

“I have been with next system for 14 years as an expert and specialist for display & touch solutions.”


“During this time my tasks have expanded from preparing the manufacturer and supplier market in Asia and Europe to demanding technological assembly and development projects. I am always fascinated by the challenge of feasibility: the customers have a problem and we think about how the solution could look like. In recent years, we have also increasingly been using our own haptics technology, which opens up very interesting additional areas of application. We do all this as a team and it works great. As head of the Product Center, I have a special responsibility: to the product, the customers and the colleagues. This is demanding, but exactly this is a welcome challenge for me, because this way I am close to the latest technologies and the corporate development of next system. A perfect combination for me”