next system is a leading provider of customized haptic solutions for HMI systems.

The focus is on the practical use of haptic operating concepts on touch-guided user interfaces. Since 2010, this has been researched, developed and user-specific manufactured in the next system Technology Center. The focus is on innovative and intuitive operating concepts that can be used and implemented for all applications independent of technology.

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For its innovative haptic solutions next system 2017 was awarded the renowned
“embedded award”
for particularly future-oriented technologies.


Blind operation

Haptics Anwendungsgebiete

Areas of application

Tangible haptic feedback means: to enable the usability of a touch screen with the feel of a keyboard. Feeling and finding operating elements allows handling without constant visual contact with the control panel.

This makes it possible:

  • “blind operation” to increase the operating safety, e.g. of touch screens in industrial control and security areas or medical environments
  • “operations for the blind” to enable blind people to operate touch screens, such as those used in ATMs
  • “fun operation” to enable tactile experiences in addition to visual stimuli, e.g. in gaming and exhibition areas and for marketing purposes

The application and user concepts are decisive for the haptic development services: next system’s own development can be sensitively adjusted to different input situations, e.g. with gloves, pens, fingers, etc. and in the case of visual impairment up to input without visual contact. The adaptable GUI provides a user-centered haptic solution for the automotive and aviation industry, industrial automation and medical technology as well as in game development.


next system develops customized solutions for the emulation of “conventional mechanical control elements” on touch-guided user interfaces.

In order to generate a haptic feedback as close to reality as possible, several elements are necessary. The basis for this is the haptic controller, which is responsible for controlling the actuators, measuring the force and generating the haptic feedback. In addition to the controller, the mechanics and software are also important components of the system. The selection of the right technology and the integration into the GUI are crucial for excellent performance.

next system supports its customers with high expertise, many years of experience, the necessary patents and licenses from the first feasibility analysis and prototype development to the series product.

Each customer-specific application requires an adapted haptic feedback in order to achieve an optimal HMI with an outstanding user experience. The technology independent approach ensures that the optimal haptic technology is used for each application.