by Johnson Electric

Johnson Electric’s BTA actuator platform provides high-speed control for rotary stroke applications. The rotary solenoids feature extremely long life and optimum stroke/torque capacity. Using simple pulse width modulation to control coil current, the BTA provides open or closed loop speed and extremely precise position control.

Is extremely precise position control and long life important to you? Are you looking for low-noise rotary solenoids for high throughput, high speed and fail-safe applications. Then we have the right solution for you.

  • High speed control for rotary stroke applications
  • Single phase coil with three stator poles and corresponding rotor poles
  • Stroke up to 45° due to three pole design
  • Extremely durable with over 100 million actuations
  • High force density
  • Very smooth, low noise operation due to smooth, shock-free passage

More information about BTA DC rotary solenoids.

Platform Stroke (°) Ø (mm) Length (mm) M100 % ED (mNm) M10 % ED (mNm)
2EV/2EVM 45 30,2 18,3 113
3EV/3EVM 45 34,9 22,6 31,6 187,6
4EV/4EVM 45 41,3 26,8 45,2 322,1
5EV/5EVM 45 49,2 32,1 153,7 678
6EV/6EVM 45 58,7 41,3 384,2 1457,7

ULTIMAG DC rotary solenoids


Johnson Electric’s Ultimag® rotary actuator technology provides a bi-directional function with center return not found in traditional rotary solenoids. Ultimag actuators offer a 45° stroke, but the design is engineered for a maximum stroke of 160°.

Need a high speed, high torque control solution? That’s what Ultimag technology is great for, whether in industrial and commercial technologies, medical equipment or other applications.

  • Can be used in on/off mode or proportionally in open and closed loop systems
  • Strokes from 45° to max. 160
  • Shorter strokes due to electronic or mechanical stop functions

More information about Ultimag DC rotary solenoids.

Platform Ø (mm) Length (mm) M100 % ED (mNm) M10 % ED (mNm)
4EM 41 26 0,1 0,33
5EM 49 33 0,23 0,71
6EM 59 41 0,57 1,58