An industrial PC is much more than the sum of its (component) parts. We support you from the first specification in the sampling process to the long-term stocking of systems and components, long beyond their regular availability on the market. In addition to requirement-specific hardware, a custom-fit IPC solution consists of a wide range of services that are precisely tailored to your needs. In addition to our broad hardware portfolio, we therefore also offer comprehensive services for convenient commissioning and operation of your system.

Do you need support or have special customization requirements? We offer comprehensive, customized service tailored to your needs.

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We do not manufacture on the assembly line, but give each system in our manufactory the appropriate attention. Each industrial PC system is individually assembled according to your requirements. Our assembly process is standardized and passes through multiple levels of control, minimizing potential for error. Each device passes through a comprehensive control system, in which each work step is checked by a colleague according to the four-eyes principle and, in addition, is checked by the quality assurance department as a further pair of eyes at defined stages of production.


The CPU continuous load test under maximum memory utilization permanently takes the performance of each individual interface of the overall system to the performance limit and thus ensures optimum suitability for industrial use.

The burn-in test is an extended continuous load test where you specify the desired duration and the desired ambient temperature. In this way, the system is optimally prepared for use in our climatic chamber, under the observation of our experts, according to your individual quality requirements and ambient conditions at the place of use.

In the case of third-party cards provided by the customer, we are happy to take them into account in our various test procedures according to your requirements. Since the expansion cards are usually equipped with interfaces that fulfill an essential function within the scope of the application, we take a close look at the functionality of the cards.

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Ready to use pre-Config

The industrial PCs are configured and customized in our manufacturing facility. Before shipping your new systems, we can upload images, adjust IOS settings, partition hard disks and install third-party software or hardware. This way, the systems reach your site pre-configured, without any further necessary adjustments.


We not only take care of installing your individual image on all devices, but also back up the image so we can always deliver systems with identical software and system settings. In addition, we offer you chronological image backups with our revision tracking, which are automatically created in case of major version updates.

Our test report contains an exact listing of all serial number-bound components of the respective device configuration and the individual work steps carried out (assembly, tests, etc.). We make this available to you as a file.

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