customised solutions for your applications

Reliability and precision are two of the most important features for our customers’ applications, no matter what the application. Leading manufacturers of automation and safety equipment, vending machines, household appliances, garden equipment, heating equipment, forklifts and other commercial vehicles are convinced by our switches from Johnson Electric. Our Saia and Burgess series microswitches are categorized by mechanical characteristics, electrical rating, IP rating, and temperature range, among others.

Do you have special requirements? We will work with you to develop specific, customized solutions for your applications.

  • Available in the standardized designs ultraminiature, subminiature, miniature and standard
  • Always state-of-the-art in terms of technology and quality thanks to continuous further development of products and manufacturing technologies
  • Future-oriented due to state-of-the-art product design and intelligent Human Machine Interface solutions
  • Approval standards UL 1054, EN 61058-1 and UL 61058-1
  • CSA, CCC and other additional approvals available on request

Small and reliable