Worm Gearboxes – Can Be Combined with DC & BLDC Motors

If an output shaft offset by 90° to the motor axis is required for space reasons, a worm gear unit can be used. Even in the single-stage version, a gear ratio of 60:1 and more is possible. Worm gearboxes are one of the few types of gearboxes that allow self-locking where it is needed.

You want to transmit high torques? With worm gear units, we can create very high transmission ratios in a small space. The gearboxes can be combined with next system DC and BLDC motors.

  • 90° offset input/output shaft
  • Compact design
  • Self-locking from i=30/1 reduction ratio
Next System Getriebe Schneckenradgetriebe
Gearbox with Motor with Motor with Motor with Motor with Motor Mn (Ncm) Gear Ratio (x:1)
SN17 M42 M48 X X X 265 7-75
SN22,6 M42 M48 M50 X X 410 3-40
SN31 X M48 X M63 X 400 7-38
SN40 X X X M63 M80 1500 8-50